PSI FAA Airman Knowledge Testing

Flight Engineer

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Min. Age Test Time (HRS) Passing Grade
FEN Flight Engineer - Reciprocating Engine (Basic) 80 19 3.0 70*
FER Flight Engineer - Reciprocating Engine (Added Rating) 50 19 2.0 70*
FET Flight Engineer - Turboprop (Basic) 80 19 3.0 70*
FEP Flight Engineer - Turboprop (Added Rating) 50 19 2.0 70*
FEX Flight Engineer - Turbojet (Basic) 80 19 3.0 70*
FEJ Flight Engineer - Turbojet (Added Rating) 50 19 2.0 70*

* Test reports will show PASS/FAIL

Acceptable Forms of Authorization:

Federal Aviation Administration commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating, or airline transport pilot certificate not limited to visual flight rules (VFR).

Written statement on company letterhead, signed by a company official, validating that the applicant meets one of the practical experience requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 63, section 63.37(b), subparagraphs 1, 2 or 3.

Logbook entry showing an accumulation of more than 200 hours as pilot in command or second in command performing the functions of a pilot in command under the supervision of a pilot in command (14 CFR section 63.37 (b) (5)).

Logbook entry or endorsement for practical experience requirements as a flight engineer (14 CFR section 63.37 (b)(6)).

Completion, within the previous 90 days, of the ground portion of an approved part 63, appendix C flight engineer training course for the applicable class rating (14 CFR section 63.37 (b)(7)).

For added rating knowledge tests: Flight engineer certificate or an Airman Test Report for a flight engineer original class rating.

Failed, passing or expired Airman Test Report, provided the applicant still has the ORIGINAL test report in his/her possession. (See RETESTING explanation.)


Applicants retesting AFTER FAILURE are required to submit the applicable score report indicating failure, along with an endorsement from an authorized instructor who gave the applicant the additional training, and certifying the applicant is competent to pass the test. The original failed test report presented as authorization shall be retained by the proctor and attached to the applicable sign-in/out log. The latest test taken will reflect the official score.

Applicants retesting IN AN ATTEMPT TO ACHIEVE A HIGHER PASSING SCORE may retake the same test for a better grade after 30 days. The latest test taken will reflect the official score. Applicants are required to submit the ORIGINAL applicable score report indicating previous passing score to the testing center prior to testing. Testing center personnel must collect and destroy this report prior to issuing the new test report.