PSI FAA Airman Knowledge Testing

Inspection Authorization

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Min. Age Test Time (HRS) Passing Grade
IAR Inspection Authorization 50 21 3.0 70*

* Test reports will show PASS/FAIL

NOTE: the Inspection Authorization test is only available at selected testing centers.

Acceptable Forms of Authorization:

Form 8610-1, 'Mechanic's Application for Inspection Authorization'. Item 14 on the form should be completed, including inspector signature, endorsement block checked, and office identification provided. NOTE: After reviewing Form 8610-1 for proper completion and endorsement, proctors shall retain the form. When the applicant has completed the test and been issued a test report, the original Form 8610-1 shall be destroyed. The testing center may retain a COPY of the form for record keeping purposes.

Failed, passing or expired Airman Test Report, provided the applicant still has the ORIGINAL test report in his/her possession. (See RETESTING explanation.)


Requires a 90-day waiting period for retesting.

Applicants taking retests AFTER FAILURE are required to submit the applicable score report indicating failure to the testing center prior to retesting. The original failed test report shall be retained by the proctor and attached to the applicable sign-in/out log. The latest test taken will reflect the official score.

Applicants retesting IN AN ATTEMPT TO ACHIEVE A HIGHER PASSING SCORE may retake the same test for a better grade after 30 days. The latest test taken will reflect the official score. Applicants are required to submit the ORIGINAL applicable score report indicating previous passing score to the testing center prior to testing. Testing center personnel must collect and destroy this report prior to issuing the new test report.