CATS' management team leads a motivated group of testing professionals who share distinctive track records among clients. Our collective range of expertise and unified customer approach makes CATS uniquely qualified to design and implement customized testing solutions that meet or exceed sponsor and candidate objectives.

Our Key Executives have a proven track record to maximize candidates' choices for finding quality testing nearby.

  • Mark Dennehy

    VP FAA Operations

    Mr. Dennehy is the VP FAA Operations of Computer Assisted Testing Services (CATS). He guides the company's business development strategy and directs; administers and coordinates the business activities related to test development, test administration, and result management.

  • Ed Herrera

    ODA Administrator

    Mr. Herrera is the Administrator of the Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).

  • Tina Silva

    ODA Administrator

    Ms. Silva is the Administrator of the Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).

  • Anne Thissen-Roe, Ph.D.

    Forensic Scientist

    Dr. Thissen-Roe has over ten years' experience in computer-based test delivery and assessment development. Her concentration in data forensic expands company's psychometrics capabilities. Her background began in formative educational testing and employment testing.

  • Ed Herrera

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